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Photo on 2013-03-29 at 10.13 #2Shamonj (Shawne M. Jackson) is the CEO of Shamonj Gifts, LLC. She is an anointed woman of God with great dreams and goals. She graduated from high school with an 3.3 average and then went straight to college. She received her Associates Degree in Business and her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communications with a minor in Web Design from Baker College.

Shamonj always knew that she wanted to be a creative designer. So she decided to start her own company called Shamonj Gifts, LLC. She also dreamed of creating her own talk show so she created ShamonjTV1. As time went by Shamonj decided that she wanted to go back to school after fasting and praying. She enrolled at University of Phoenix and received her Masters in Science of Psychology. At that point in her life she realized that she wanted to do something more meaningful. She wanted to understand the human mind and understand and interpret people’s behaviors. After graduating with her Master’s Degree in Psychology she decided that she really wanted to become an counselor. She contacted Walden University because she wanted to get her Doctorates Degree in Counseling. However, a person in the admission office informed her that she would have to get a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling before she could get an PHD. She didn’t let that stop her! She enrolled into Walden University and is currently working towards receiving her Master’s Degree in Science of Mental Health Counseling.

Shamonj has written and published several books. Shamonj published a book titled “The Only One I Love”, published in English and in French (paperback and electronically). Shamonj also published My Vision Journal which is a Journal that helps people to plan out their lives. Shamonj recently published a book titled The Lady Blue’s Story written by Movie Geek. Shamonj has also recently published a book titled Inspiring Moments: Encouragement for the Soul written by Crystal H. Holdipp. Shamonj has also published several papers and plans to publish several other papers, books, and journals. Shamonj is currently working on her novel titled “The Power to Make A Difference”. The Power to Make A Difference will be published in November. Shamonj is also working on publishing a book titled “The Meek Russell Story” which is a sequel to the Power to Make A Difference. Shamonj also plans to publish several books called “The Love of my Father”, “Captured Image”, “Love Thyself”and several other Novels. Shamonj plans to publish some non-fiction as well. She is currently working on some non-fiction as well titled “100 Reasons Singles Should Keep Their Legs Closed”, “Christian Chronicles”, “Christian, Family & Inspirational Films” , “Resources for Graphic Designers”, “Shamonj Gifts’ Blue Print For Success & Fulfillment” and many other titles.

Shamonj is a member of several organizations such as the American Counseling Association and The Association For Creative in Counseling Division. Shamonj plans to become an Licensed Mental Health Counselor starting her own private practice. She also plans to become a published author, motivational speaker, and a talk show host. After Shamonj gets her second Master’s Degree, she plans to go back to college and receive her PHD in Counselor Education and Supervision.

Shamonj’s biggest goals in life are to please God and to make a difference in the lives of people throughout the nation through words, pictures, multimedia and deeds.