Published_PapersShawne Jackson CEO of Shamonj Gifts LLC has written lot’s of paper when she was attending Baker College, University of Phoenix, and Walden University. Shawne continues to conduct research and write papers in many topics that interest her. Shawne has probably written thousands of papers but most of them are not published. Shawne plans to write even more papers in the future as she conducts more research on topics that interests her. Shawne has only published three papers so far which are called, Plagiarism Paper, Neurological Disorder Papers (Dissociative Identity Disorder), and Human Learning & Memory Paper. These papers are only available on the Kindle.

List of Shamonj Gifts LLC Papers (Click on the links below for more info about the papers or to purchase the papers):

  1. The Plagiarism Paper
  2. Neurological Disorder Papers
  3. Human Learning & Memory Paper