The Only One I Love Book Updates

The Only One I Love Book Updates
The Only One I Love is a short story that was originally written when Shawne was in high school. The story was written from a person who never experienced love and wondered what it would be like to experience love. Originally the Only One I Love was only about 4 pages long. As time went by the girl had still not experienced what love and being in love was all about until she truly got serious about her relationship with God. Even though she hasn’t found the mate of her dreams she still has faith that even she can have that love fairytale ending and be happy. She decided that she wanted to become an published author but her novel wasn’t ready to be published. So she came across the short story she wrote and decided to read the story and decided that it would be a great idea to publish it. After starting her degree program to become an Counselor, Shawne rewrote the story to make it more interesting and to increase the amount of pages and re-edit it. The Only One I Love was first published on the Kindle but then later made available in paper back form in 2012. The Only One I Love is also available in French on the Kindle and will be available in the French language in paper back format. For more information about the book you go to the Products Tab and find information about the book there. If you are on Facebook you can become a fan of the Only One I Love Book
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Online Personality and Published Author Crystal Holdipp conducted an Interview with Shamonj Gift’s published author Shawne Jackson discussing the Only One I Love Book. Check it out to be inspired!
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The Only One I Love (Le seul que j’aime) is now available in the French Language. Get your copy today through or