ShamonjTV1 Show

The Shamonj Television 1 Show

ShamonjTV1 is a Live Online television show that promotes ministries, businesses, artists, authors, events, and all other positive news. ShamonjTV1 is designed to minister, inspire, inform, entertain, convict and encourage you. If you’re going through a crisis contact the show and we will provide you with some Biblical advice. The show is hosted by Shawne M. Jackson, an dynamic, powerful, anointed woman of God. The show was created February 22, 2010. There is also another version of the show on facebook copy the link to see video episodes on Facebook. ShamonjTV1 plans to launch ShamonjTV1 Charity which will be an online charity that helps people with a dream and people who have a deep need. ShamonjTV1 will also give away prizes to faithful subscribers.

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