Accomplishments & Goals

Today is Saturday, February 5, 2011 and 9:25 a.m. I want to start off by saying thank you God for waking me up this morning. The Lord is truly good I must say. He allowed me to live another day. I must say that I am truly blessed. So how are you all doing? Good I hope.

Yesterday my mind began to reflect back over my life. Throughout the years I have accomplished many things that many in my family have not accomplished. I am the first person among my cousins on both sides of the family to get an Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and Master’s Degree. My Associates Degree is in Business, My Bachelor’s Degree is in Graphic Communications, and my Master’s Degree is in Psychology. In December of 2010, I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Psychology. I am the Trendsetter in my family. I’ve always been the unique or the different one. I believe that God has set me aside for His own use. I am looking forward to God working things out on my behalf. I’m the only one in my family who sings, writer, and do Graphic Design.

I’ve noticed in many cases that sometimes families as a whole are called by God to do different things. For an example, the Winans are called to Minister the Word of God through song. Bishop Butler, his wife, and children are all called to be Pastors, Leaders, Ministers. I often wonder what is it that my family is called to do? It’s really difficult to tell because the majority of my family all do different things.

For now, I am called to be an student until God tells me otherwise. I’ve just enrolled at Walden University to get my Master’s Degree in Counseling. The reason why is simply because God placed a strong desire in my heart to help and assist other people. I wanted to go on and get my PHD in counseling. However, I couldn’t because they said I would have to have an Master’s Degree in Counseling. So my plans is to go back to school, get my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and then get my PHD. Then I would like to go back to school and get my Degree in Christian Counseling and Theology.

Outside of school, I have accomplished some things. I created the ShamonjTV1 online show. I’ve manage to find my identity online and created several fanpages. Online I am known as Shamonj. I’ve gotten started on writing some books. I completed a book called The Power in Prayer of Faith. I’ve started conducting research to find out exactly what love is. Love is the greatest force in this world. I have started writing another book called Captured Image: How Do You See Yourself?

It’s 2011 and a New Year. I’m ready to make some changes in my life. These are my goals for this year.
    1. Spend more time with God
    2. Find Me A Job in my Field
    3. Start my own Business
    4. Create an Website
    5. Get my Business License and Tax ID
    6. Get back into College
    7. Finish Writing all the books I have started
    8. Publish the Power in Prayer of Faith
    9. Get a Make Over
    10. Lose Weight and get in shape
    11. Move out of my parents house
    12. Get my drivers license
    13. Go to the Army

These are 13 things that I would like to accomplish this year. I am praying that God help me to do these things as I put forth the effort. I am Shamonj, the Trendsetter. I am ready to tackle all of these goals one at a time. I thank God in advance for helping me to tackle every goal. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus.