The Shamonj Graphics company within the Shamonj Gifts LLC business design, promote, and support other businesses. Shamonj Gifts LLC also hires other creative individuals and is affiliated with other companies.  Shamonj Gifts LLC support businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, on and even in person when they’re able to. If you have a business, ministry, cause, etc that you want Shamonj Gifts LLC to promote please feel free to go to the contact page and fill out the form or email Shawne Jackson at

Shamonj Gifts LLC: Click here for more info about the business

Past/Future Clients, Ministries & Businesses that Shamonj Gifts Promoted or provided Graphic Design Services for:

  1. Elgie’s Repairs LLC
  2. Captured Image
  3. John Olouwafemi Biao
  4. Arts Ministries Showcase Magazine
  5. Grace Fellowship House of Prayer
  6. Strictly Anointing House of Prayer
  7. Abundant Life Ministries International
  8. E-Smith Photography
  9. Clutch Dame
  10. Heather Fields: A Flower in the Rain
  11. Crystal Holdipp
  12. Perfecting Triumphant Church
  13. Minister Ty Adams
  14. Minister Lula Doss
  15. Elly David
  16. Courtney Hollins
  17. Dedan Tolbert
  18. Fran Briggs

If you’re interested in Graphic Design, Web Design, or Advertising services please feel free to contact Shawne Jackson at If you’re on Facebook and you’re interested in promoting your ministries, businesses, events or just connecting with other like minded people I have two groups on FB that you can join.

  1. Businesses
  2. Shamonj Gifts Network: Christian, Ministry, Business, and Event Connections

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