Book Submission Guidelines



Thank you for your interest in Shamonj Gifts, LLC. We are an independent publishing company that publishes books and magazines.

Submissions should be emailed with Submission in the subject line. Manuscripts must be in an attachment, be single spaced in Times New Roman or Courier New 11 pt, edited to the best of your ability, and saved in Microsoft Word 2003 or a compatible program. Please include a cover letter within the body of the email.

What we look for; a fresh and creative voice, a new idea and an author with the ability to work with our team to create the best product possible. We look for authors who are looking to make a difference through their writing. We look for authors who are willing to put in the work before and after his or her work is published. We publish fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Please review this site to learn more about our current list and the type of books and magazines we typically publish. We accept adult fiction and non-fiction of most genres and young adult fiction of most genres.

We do not accept erotica books or books that glorify illegal acts such as rape, incest, polygamy, etc (in other words, paints the aggressor as the hero and someone to be honored).

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Your book will be professionally edited
  • Your book will be formatted for (ebook, Paperback, Hard Cover Editions, Audio)
  • Cover art is provided
  • ISBN Number
  • An online marketing package and coaching
  • Royalties Paid Monthly (As your book sales)
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Assist with branding you as an author and your book
  • Assist with marketing & advertising your book
  • Yearly Contests for Authors

What We Expect From You

  • To be coachable in editing and marketing
  • To be willing to invest in marketing/advertising for his or her own book
  • To be willing to put in the time to market & advertise his or her own book
  • To be an active member of the Shamonj Gifts LLC community online
  • To create an online presence (or author platform) and to actively market their books on and off line
  • To keep Shamonj Gifts LLC informed of book sales, reviews, and other activities of the book/author
  • To keep Shamonj Gifts LLC informed of any change of address or contact information

If you’re interested in submitting your manuscript email it to or Click Here to Submit your manuscript.