testimonial-thank-youShamonj Gifts LLC appreciate every author, business owner and client who utilizes it’s services. Shamonj Gifts LLC’s works really hard in the Spirit of Excellent to insure that it’s authors and clients have a 100% satisfaction in the services provided. If you’re a business, author, or potential client and you have never utilized Shamonj Gifts LLC’s services before please take a look at the testimonials located on this page to get a good idea of the quality of services that Shamonj Gifts LLC provides. If you’re a business, author, or client who has utilized Shamonj Gifts LLC services please feel free to leave a comment and post a testimonial here or email a testimonial to my email shamonjgifts@gmail.com. Thank you business owners, authors, and clients for leaving your testimonials of Shamonj Gifts LLC services provided. 🙂



“Shawne, the copy and advertisement you did for my event flyer was phenomenal. It looks great! I am in awe of your tremendous insight and overall vision. Thank you so much!” Fran Briggs, AZ



Crystal Photo2 “I am very pleased and satisfied with the work Shamonj Gifts LLC has done with my book Inspiring Moments, my fb pages and more. This excellent business went over and beyond in their publishing, marketing, branding and graphic design services for me. Shamonj Gifts is a very unique business of it’s kind. What other publishing companies might not do to see it’s client’s succeed, Shamonj would do. The best part is the good godly character and morals of the CEO, Shawne Jackson. Shawne is a person of integrity and puts her all in what she does to the best of her ability with  excellence.”  Crystal Holdipp (Published Author), Bermuda


CAM00012“Shawne’s services are par excellent and her graphic skills are unmatched! Out of five stars I’d give her ten!”

Johnnie Bronson (Published Author), PA

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