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Boundaries in Counseling Series

Dr. Zur speaks about several therapeutic boundaries and the complexities contained therein. Therapists today must face situations ranging from a teenage client who texts during a session, to a home-bound client who must be seen at home or not at all, to clients who are unable to pay via conventional means or to whom money means nothing at all. Throughout the series Dr. Zur will discuss Self-Disclosure, Gifts, Bartering, Dual Relationships, Touch & Out of Office Experiences. We trust you’ll find the series useful and informative — please share it with your friends. For more on the Zur Institute, including 120 (and counting) online courses, please visit us at: Thank you!


Introduction to Boundaries- Part A

Self Disclosure in Therapy- Part B

Gifts in Therapy- Part C

Bartering in Therapy- Part D

Dual or Multiple Relationships- Part E

Touch in Psychotherapy- Part F pt 1

Touch in Psychotherapy- Part F pt 2

Out of Office Experiences- Part G