Event This Weekend (9/10 & 9/11/10) pt 2- 4th TFC Film Festival

The Trinity Film Coalition are having their 4th Annual TFC Film Festival on September 10-11, 2010. Friday, September 10, 2010 TFC Film Festival Kickoff Mixer Time: 6-10pm Entry: Free Theme: Network, network, network! Join us for a night of mixing and mingling with some of the industy’s hottest filmmakers! Filmmakers, actors, music producers, models and artists are all encouraged to come out and make those pivotal connections. Saturday, September 11, 2010 2010 Screening Schedule 12:00 pm- Greatest Man Alive Running Time: 6 min 39 sec Directed by: Michael Feurstein Produced by: Kevin Craig West Summary: Thinking back on life without a father figure, one man beats himself up over not taking his own advice from years gone by. 12:10 pm- Into the Light Running Time: 93 min Directed by: Rodney Oliver Produced by: Rodney Oliver Summary: This drama/comedy is about Dr. Dollar, who has ability to hypnotize people. When she allows her assistant to talk her into hypnotizing a patient in order to rob a bank, everything that can go wrong does when Dr. Dollar’s past steps in. Blackmail and greed turn into a deadly game when the patient dies and his family sets out to take on the doctor. 2:00 pm- Thief Interrupted Running Time: 12 min 43 sec Directed by: Dan Conway Produced by: Dan Conway Summary: Thief Interrupted is a quirky drama/comedy about a young man committing a crime gets an unexpected call. Through several awkward, yet comedic conversations, we get an up close and personal with