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Broken Dreams Kindle Book CoverBroken Dreams is a book that is about a tormented soul and man’s quest for love and validation. Blue’s past from childhood causes him to grow up to become a broken man; that suffered in his private hell where demons and darkness haunted his spirit. He meets the beautiful Araya Sunshine Reed, who attempted to reach the darkest parts of his soul and heal him with her love. However, the darkness is too much to bare. It’s a battle between good and evil! Can the love of the beautiful Araya Sunshine Reed heal him and change his life or is he doomed to suffer in his private hell for eternity?

Broken Dreams is written by the talented, beautiful, impressive, and creative published author Stephanie Thompson. It will have you on the edge of your seat! So get yourself a wine cooler as you read. If you can get through chapter one, then you can get through the rest of the book.

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