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More Than Me, written by Crystal Savage Traylor,  is a story about two very different women who find out they aren’t that different after all. Jaime Green lives in a small town with her husband, Derek, and her two children. She loves her life, but her upcoming vacation is just the break from everyday life that she needs. Jennifer Roman is an actress struggling to advance in her career while facing divorce from her actor-husband Alex Paulson.
When a medical miracle crashes the women’s lives together, it creates a ripple effect that sends one of them reeling out of control, struggling to find anything that’s real to hold onto.
More Than Me is a story about finding, examining, and maintaining your faith in a seemingly impossible situation and in an unfathomable circumstance. It’s a story about the struggle to understand God’s plan in the face of hardship, and it’s a story about not judging other people, or ourselves, too harshly.

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