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Poems to Love For is a poetry book for the African Queen, chocolate girl, and white violet. This book will teach men the importance of having respect for women. So black men unite and will find beauty is only skin deep. Men will be taught how to romance, love and respect women in this contemporary romance, sex, and love poetry book. This book is also a guide for women as well because it’s giving Relationship advice for women. The women will learn how to treat the man that loves and adores them.

Poems to Love For is to die for! It’s full of romance, love, and drama and my personal conclusion on these nerve touching subjects. You will find that once you pick this book up you will never want to put it down! This book shows women and men what being a good man is all about, and shows you the essence of a man and the essence of a woman like you’ve never seen them before! So if you’re looking for love, nevertheless, then Poems to love for is for you!

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“Poems to Love For is on a whole other level of poetry. Johnnie Bronson is like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Maya Angelou combined!” ~John Montero Jr.

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