Family/Team Members

Shamonj Gifts LLC is a company that is very family/client oriented. We look at all of our employees as family. Shamonj Gifts LLC is looking for some more family members/team members. We are looking for Graphic Designers, Photographers, Writers, Videographers, Editors, Marketers, Web Designers, Web Developers, Authors, Virtual Assistant, Attorney, Accountant, and many other types of people. Shamonj Gifts LLC is a fairly new company so at the moment we are accepting Volunteers and Interns. If you come to Shamonj Gifts LLC and you become an Intern or Volunteer you will gain lot’s of experience in your field. You will be recognized and rewarded for everything you do. You will be given books, trainings, and more for free. Also the best and most dedicated/faithful workers will be rewarded. Also, when the company starts to make more revenue the Volunteers and Interns will be hired first and given leadership positions. If you are interested, inbox Shawne Jackson on Facebook or email Shawne at You can also add yourself to the Family Group on Facebook: Click Here To Check Out the Group!