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Shawne M. Jackson (Shamonj) is the CEO and founder of Shamonj Gifts LLC. She was born, March 29, 1984, in Detroit Michigan. She is a 32-year-old lady & creative genius who was hit by the bolt of creativity and inspiration in the 6th grade. After being hit by that bolt of creativity and inspiration, Shawne picked up a pen and never put it down ever since. She used writing as a coping mechanism to cope with being bullied in the 6th grade.

As time progressed, she graduated from Osborn High School. Next, she attended Baker College where she received her Associates Degree in Business and Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communications with a minor in Web Design. After soul searching, she went to the University of Phoenix and received her Master’s Degree in Psychology.

As time progressed, she started writing books titled, “The Only One I Love; a Short Story of Love” and “My Vision Journal.” She founded & licensed Shamonj Gifts LLC, a publishing company. Shortly after, she created the Brand Movie Geek and published The Lady Blue’s Story.

Shawne has had multiple television appearances on the United Gospel Explosion TV show onShawne on TV the WHPR TV33 Channel in Detroit.

She has also published works of other authors titled “Inspiring Moments: Encouragement for the Soul,” “Poems to Love For,” “Believe Even if it is Humanly Absurd,” “Broken Dreams,” and “Resilient: Rise Above the Ashes.” She also is also active in ministry where she serves at Grace Fellowship House of Prayer as a minister and the church secretary. Shawne is a woman after God’s own heart, and she loves to inspire others. She is in the process of writing more books, and she plans to publish more novels & Shawne Holding Books She Publishednon-fiction books in the future. She is currently working on her novel titled “The Power to Make a Difference,” which she plans to publish it next year. She also plans to publish many more novels and non-fiction books in the counseling/mental health, publishing, graphic design, biblical and self-help field. Shawne gives thanks and praises to the Lord Jesus Christ for all of her many successes because she realizes that it is through Christ, she can do all things.

Shamonj’s biggest goals in life are to please God and to make a difference in the lives of people throughout the nation through words, pictures, multimedia and deeds.

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