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Stephanie ThompsonStephanie Dawn Thompson is a woman raised and educated in the middle-class suburb of Philadelphia, where she currently resides with her husband. She married her childhood sweetheart, who is in Law Enforcement. She is also the mother of a beautiful daughter who is in college working to receive her Ph.D.

Stephanie is an aspiring professional writer. Her work was published in the Philadelphia Daily News. She also won Poet of the Month and received a small monetary cash prize. Stephanie has a passion for writing; rather it is poetry or fiction. She is a student of life and the world who draws most of her inspiration from people and experiences and what is buried deep in her soul. Stephanie has recently published her first book titled “Broken Dreams” through the Shamonj Gifts LLC publishing company.

Her priorities in life are God, Family, and her Writing. She is a warm person with a kind, loving and giving spirit. Stephanie is a person that loves to travel to different places to meet, connect with and interact with different people.

If you are interested in meeting and connecting with Stephanie, please feel free to email her at or contact her via Facebook.

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