Staying Focused On Your Goals

Life Controlled By FocusLet’s say you have known what you wanted to do since you were a child or when you became an adult. You have already written out your vision for your spiritual, emotional, psychological mental, physical, social, relational and financial transformation.

“YES,” You said. “I finally know what I want and need to do in my life!”

However, after years, months, weeks, days and hours passed, you find that you have a difficult time staying focused on your goals. So you think there has to be something wrong. Why? Because you have purchased every motivational course you can get your hands on. You listened to the greatest motivational speakers people like Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Anthony Robins,  Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas and many others. You have followed and looked at people like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and many other successful people. You look at their lives, and have said within yourself, “I Want to be like that person!” You buy their books, products and yet you have no idea where to start to become successful. You have all of these dreams, mission statement, your vision, your gifts, and your talents, yet you have no idea where to begin!

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You have no idea how to be consistent and persistent in working towards your goals. Maybe you have a difficult time with time management! Maybe you want to read those books you purchased but you don’t because life happens. If that person is you, today I am going to give you a few techniques for staying focused on your goals. Considering that not everyone is a multi-tasker, sometimes you have to make your goals easy to digest.

Steps to to Staying Focused on your goals:

  • Change Your Mindset. Remember, whatever you believe you can achieve. So if your mindset is telling you that you can’t do something, remove those negative thoughts and trust and believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to.
  • Write Down Your Important Goals & Least Important Goals. Get a Notebook. Write Down your Important Goals first and then Write down your least important goals.
  • Determine Which Goals Are More Simple & Which Goals Are More Difficult. You can either focus on the most important goals first or you can focus on the least important goals first. You can focus on the goals that seem more easy and get them out of the way and then focus on the big goals that will take more time and energy. You find what works best for you!
  • Simplify Your Goals. You can Simplify Your Goals by Day, Weekly, Monthly and or Yearly.  Simplifying your goals allows you to narrow down your big list of goals. Here is an example of writing down your goals by Day: Let’s say your goal is to write a book, edit another book, hang out with your friends, listen to some music, listen to training videos, meditate, do your laundry, go to the grocery store, watch a movie, take your children to the park, read a book, write in your journal and clean your house. To simply it you would write Monday, I can clean the house and do laundry. Tuesday, I can read a book and write my book. Wednesday, I can edit the other book and write in my journal. Thursday, I can listen to training videos. Friday, I can go see a movie and hang out with friends. Saturday, I can take my children to the park. Sunday, I can take time away from working and meditate.
  • Create Categories for Your Goals. Example, Meditation could be in the Self Development Category. Taking your children to the park, hanging out with friends and going to see a movie can be in the Fun Category. Writing in your Journal, Writing Your Book, and Editing your book could be in the Work Category. Cleaning Your Home, Laundry, & Grocery Store could be in the Home Category. Listening to Training Videos & Reading Books could be in the Learn Category. As you can see, dividing the goals into categories can help you to dissect, digest, and focus on your goals. You could pick one category to focus on per day.
  • Write Goals on A White Board. I Write 5 Categories on my White Board every single day. As I complete goals, I erase them from my board. At night, I clear the board and write down new goals for the next day. I find that writing on the board helps me to simplify my goals and get things accomplished in one day.
  • Create A Plan For Your Goals. If you are planning to write a book, then create an outline for the book you are planning to write.
  • Get You An Support System. Your support systems can be your personal cheerleaders to support you every step of the way in your goals. Surround yourself around likeminded people who are trying to accomplish the same goals. If you’re an writer, find other writers, editors and publishers to connect with. Also surround yourself around people who are smarter and more successful than you are and learn from them as they are willing to share gold nuggets. Be like a sponge and soak up the knowledge to be able to apply it to your life to achieve your goals.
  • Have Accountability Partners. Your accountability partner can challenge you and remind you to accomplish the goals that you have written on your paper. That person can help you to make sure you get it done. For an example, your accountability partner may call you out the blue and say, “Hey, did you write that book you? Did you watch those trainings today? Did you meditate today? How is the editing of your book going today? They are asking about your books to make sure that you are accomplishing the goals you have written down. I just cleaned my house today! Then telling you that they just cleaned their house might make you think, I need to clean mine as well.
  • Hire A Coach & or Mentor. Keep in mind, A mentor & a Coach are two different things. Your mentor will give you golden nuggets here and there that can add to your success. However, your Coach will hold you accountable, give you golden bars and help you to develop a detailed & successful blueprint. Jasmine O’Day is a great coach by the way. Check out this video about Jasmine,
  • Track, Record, Measure & Document Everything You Do. I find that for me, when I record my videos of me working out, reading the Bible, or doing my business it helps me to maintain my focus because I am documenting every time that I work out or do some work in my business through video. You can document it through writing in your journal, typing it in a Word Processing Software, writing a blog, recording it on your Video Camera, on Youtube, Facebook Love or other type of Video, or Voice Recording it on Your Phone or on your Audio Recorder.
  • Learn to Say NO! I had to capitalize NO because, sometimes we as people take on too many tasks that has nothing to do with our vision and those tasks can be a BIG distraction. For an example, if you friend calls you to hang out and you are working on your book, it’s okay to tell that friend that you are busy right now! So in order to stay focused, say NO to things that will not help you to achieve your goals! Repeat after me! It’s Okay to Say NO!
  • Remove Distractions. It’s okay to turn off your phone, iPad, Television and Radios. It’s also okay to remove other things that are distracting you from your goals. It’s okay to remove people from your life who is not producing or helping you to produce in your life, health or business journey. When you remove the distractions, you will find that you are better able to concentrate on your goals.

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If you do all of the things above and you still find that you are having trouble with focusing on your goals, please feel free to contact Shawne Jackson for coaching via email