The Only One I Love eBook Trailer

The Only One I Love is a short story of love that is about a 7-year old girl by the name of Angel who is in love with the idea of love. She used to watch her parents dance the night away because it gave her joy to see that. All of a sudden things started to change when Rick (Angel’s father) started ignoring Theresa (Angel’s mother) and and lying to her about where he was going. 3 Months passed and Rick confessed to Theresa (his wife) that he had cheated on her. Theresa was very heart broken and cried tears of sorrow. Will Theresa be able to forgive her husband or will she find love again? Is Angel’s image of love shattered forever? Will Angel ever find true love? Can love prevail through trials, lies, betrayal, and jealousy? Purchase the Only One I Love Ebook.