The Only One I Love

A Story that will inspire you as well as have you feeling the emotions of the character!

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Good I hope. It is July 19, 2011 and it’s 1:48 p.m. eastern time.  I know that it has been a few months since I have written on this blog. I must say that a lot has been going on as of lately. Today I want to write a blog called The Only One I Love.

 As a little girl, many of us have our own perceptions about what we think love is. Often times these perceptions are given to us from our parents, the music we listen to, the movies, cartoons, and TV shows that we watch. Then as we grow up and gain more experiences, we get our perception of love from other sources as well. We can be influenced by our environment, the people we hang around, and our experiences. Life sometimes teaches us lessons that we prefer not to learn when it comes to loving someone.

I had one lady in church tell me one time baby you are too young to be settling down with one person. I often times asked why would she say this? At the time I was in high school when she told me that. I often wondered what happened to people pursuing the one person that they love. Isn’t dating a whole bunch of people at the same time creating a future male or woman cheater? How could a man take a woman seriously if she is dating a bunch of men? Some people have also told me not to put all your eggs in one basket. Why not find that one person and give all my love to that one person? Why not take the risk of loving someone? Why not allow the goodness in me to shed a light in that person’s heart? Why not show that I am a great woman worthy of marriage, love, and respect?

Often times when little girls grow up they experience things like a man lying to them, cheating on them, sexually abusing them, hurting them, verbally abusing them, ignoring them, rejecting them, etc…. Often times these women experiences betrayal from family members, friends, boyfriends, and other people they allow in their heart. The question is, how does a person heal from a combination of hurt and pain. What if the person do not trust people enough to reach out? What should a person do to become healed from their past? Sometimes it takes one person to come into your life and show you that they are genuine and actively seeking you out. Sometimes it takes someone to look you in the eye and say “You’re the only one I love.” Note that your actions have to line up with the words that you have spoken. Show love to that person and that person can heal. Love is the thing that can heal a person. By showing in words and deeds that you are the only one that he loves can make a world of difference in her life. Love changes things, people, and circumstances. The story called the Only One I Love is a story that I first wrote when I was in high school. Recently I decided to go through my old writings and improve them. I improved the story to reflect the different things that people who are single and in relationships experience. It’s a story about life that will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen. Check out the video trailer!

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