The Write My Life Challenge Rules

Write Your Life PosterThis morning, I spent an hour in prayer and meditation. After I finished meditation the bolt of creativity and inspiration hit me as I was walking up the stairs. The idea came to me! Shawne, why don’t you do your very first “Write My Life Challenge” Immediately, excitement entered my spirit, mind, and soul. So to make it official I did an video on Facebook about it.

The Write My Life Challenge is a Challenge that was created to help myself and others to design the life that we want.

Materials Need: A Pen or Pencil & A Notebook or You can use the computer

Official Start & End Dates: March 1 – 30 2017

Rules of the Challenge

  • Pray & Meditate
  • Read & Write at least one positive scripture or quote in your journal
  • Write in your journal for 30 days.
  • Write at least one page.
  • Start the journal with. I’m so happy and grateful that…….Write what you desire as if it has happened. Ex: I’m so happy and grateful that I have a New Lexus Truck!
  • Be very specific and detailed about what you want
  • Do at least one exercise
  • Listen to an Inspirational Program or Watch an Inspirational Program on Youtube
  • Read at least 1 book a week
  • Find an partner to do it with.
  • Post an Facebook & or Twitter Status (The post can be a written status, Facebook Live Video, or Picture Photo. Use hash tags #WriteWithPurpose #WriteMyLife)
  • Document Your Results

If you are interested writing your life with purpose with Shamonj, please feel free to email Shawne Jackson at or connect with me via Facebook.